Sight Casting

20151205_122229Sight casting both literally and figuratively (Photo).  Conditions change on the tributaries every day and so should your tactical approach to Steelhead fishing. When the water is Turbid (stained), conditions are much more forgiving in terms of your presentation of your fly. Floats or strike indicators and weights in the form of split shot might well be versatile enough to entice a fish into biting. However, when the water is gin clear the game changes considerably. The ultimate challenge in tactics and skill are on the table. Your approach to any given fish in this setting must be planned and stealth. Once a fish is identified, chances are the fish has identified you too. Many times a longer cast is required. I always say “fish to fish you can’t see”.  That means stand back, choose your angle of approach and make a longer cast. In essence, sight casting for Steelhead. Get comfortable presenting streamers or wet flies on the swing or swing/strip. Mended line in this setting is effective as well. Stacking the mend or mending upstream will give the initial presentation of your fly a look of a stunned baitfish. Once the fly line falls out of mend, the line begins to swing and pick up speed. A fish will bite on any part of this particular dift, so be ready with your strip set.  Sight casting without the extra “hardware”  (floats/weights) gives way to a stealth presentation and a tactical winning approach to fishing varied water depths on every inch of the creek.

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I am a New York State licensed and insured fly fishing guide and a USCG licensed Captain and the Vice President of the Canandaigua Lake Trout Unlimited Chapter. I grew up as a young boy in Syracuse NY, went to SUNY College at Buffalo and now reside near the shores of Lake Ontario. I offer guided trips on the tributaries of Lake Ontario, Lake Erie and all inland waters from Syracuse to Buffalo in New York State. My fly fishing experiences have taken me to many international fly fishing destinations chasing both fresh and saltwater species of fish. I am a Trout Unlimited Endorsed Guide, Fly Fishers Federation Member/Guide, and also an Orvis, Simms, LOOP, LL Bean and Filson Pro Member. I have been published in numerous print media and also have been a keynote speaker for a number of professional forums. Working alone; I recently finished three conservation projects within our fisheries. The first is a "catch and release" zone on 4 Mile Creek and also on Mill Creek (Lake Ontario). The second is a "fly fishing only" zone on 18 Mile Creek (Lake Erie). These projects and more highlight my passion for fly fishing, conservation and sharing the sport of fly fishing with others in every way I can. Catch em' on the fly! Visit me on Facebook at Ontario Fly Outfitters.

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